Container Freight Station

Container Freight Station

Our Company is investing in modern logistics infrastructure to support the escalating business in transportation and logistics management demands in India.

Our well-equipped outsourced C.F.S. and the skilful staff provide local delivery. Their high quality work meets the requirements of our customers, which is the key factor facilitating rapidly increasing demand for import transportation.

The entire area is well protected with high compound walls having barbed wire crowns, lighting arrester and firefighting equipment. Besides, physical protection is given by well-trained private security agency working as 24/7. Our 24-hour tight security assures that your goods will be under the constant vigilance of our manned guardhouses.

We maintain an on-site customs station. This makes the legal aspects of import and export much easier and faster for you. Your goods are secured and stored under customs control at the customs bonded warehouse.

Our Container Freight Station offers you everything you need in a "one-stop" service. Security, on-site customs, convenient location, world-class services and our many years of experience all combine into one facility that will serve you to your utmost satisfaction.